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I’m Iris Brilliant

Iris Brilliant is a money coach and philanthropic advisor based in Oakland, CA. Her life mission is to support people with wealth to move money to social justice, and to transform relationships to money, family and community along the way. She first became passionate about moving money to support social justice when she inherited wealth at age 22.

As a National Organizer at Resource Generation for four years, Iris developed skills to mentor, fundraise and organize young people with wealth who care deeply about social justice. At Resource Generation, she fundraised over $1.3M through one-on-one major donor cultivation, and roughly $10.3M to other social justice causes. She then started her own business to make more impactful one-on-one change for leaders and individuals who want to fund social change. She is trained in Co-Active coaching.

As a money coach, Iris supports Millennials who have access to inherited or earned wealth to develop long-term financial goals, a philanthropic plan and budget, tools for overcoming difficult emotions regarding money. She advises individual donors on personal giving and executive directors on institutionalized grant-making.

Outside of work, Iris is also a singer and guitarist in a jazz/funk band, an amateur boxer, an avid sci-fi reader and future dog-owner.

Public Speaking

Want someone to help spread the word on social justice philanthropy? I am available for public speaking opportunities.

Go here hear me share more about my personal money story and coaching business on Marketplace radio.

Check out my presentation at Dreamforce 2018 to hear about my perspective on institutional philanthropy, social justice, and how philanthropy can improve to better align with social justice movements and long-term change.

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