Money Coach & Leadership Coach
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b. 1986, HK.


Iris Brilliant is an money coach and philanthropic advisor based in Oakland, CA. She inherited money at the age of 22, and after avoiding it out of shame for several years, she has since embraced her relationship with money, given away over 10% of her assets to social change organizations, and fallen in love with financial planning. Her life mission is to support people with wealth to gain clarity and freedom regarding money and to help move money towards social change.

As a money coach, Iris supports Millennials who have access to inherited or earned wealth to develop long-term financial goals, a philanthropic plan and budget, and to align values with actions regarding money. She advises clients on both personal giving and institutionalized grant-making. She also offers leadership coaching and mentorship for executive directors and presidents of family foundations and donor-advised funds. As a National Organizer at Resource Generation for four years, Iris developed skills to mentor, train and organize young people with wealth who care deeply about social justice, as well as a community of values-aligned donors.

Iris is also a singer and guitarist in a jazz/funk band, a very amateur boxer, an avid sci-fi reader and dreams regularly about her future dog.